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Here are links to QNUK Qualification Specifications:


QNUK Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (RQF):



QNUK Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Retail (RQF)

L3-FSSfR-Qualification-Specification-16.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Catering (RQF):


QNUK Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing (RQF)

L3-FSSfM-Qualification-Specification-17.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF):

L2-Food-Safety-cateirng-Qual-spec-2019.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing (RQF)
L2-Food-Safety-Manufacturing-Qual-spec-2019.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail (RQF)
L2-Food-Safety-retail-Qual-spec-2019-in-DEV.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 2 Award in Principles of COSHH (RQF)

QS-L2-PoC-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)

QS-L1HSW-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)

QS-L2HSW-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)

Qualifications Network QNUK Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 2 Award In Principles of Manual Handling at Work (RQF)

L2-PoMHLW-Qualification-specification-2020.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award In Manual Handling Loads at Work (RQF)

L2-MHLW-Qualification-Specification.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 2 Award in Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment (RQF)

QS-L2-PoWRA-v2.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 3 Award in Workplace Risk assessment (RQF)

L3-Risk-Qualification-Specification.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)


QNUK Level 1 Award in Fire Awareness at Work (RQF)

QS-L1FAaW-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award in Fire Safety for Fire Marshals (RQF)

QS-L2FSFM-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

QNUK Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace (RQF)
QS-L2PVW-v3.pdf (qualifications-network.co.uk)

As a responsible organisation we have an extensive range of policies including: Appeals, Complaints, Equality & Diversity, Health & safety, Quality Assurance, Reasonable Adjustment, Conflict of Interest, Continuous Improvement, CPD, and Privacy. PLease contact us should you require a copy of any of these policies.

We're not the only people who can help you on your business venture.
Here's a list of organisations you can call on for advice and support in specific areas.



ACAS 0845 7474 747 www.acas.org.uk
Alcohol - social responsibilities   www.drinkaware.co.uk
Anaphylaxis Campaign 01252 542 029  
Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321  
ACCA   www.accaglobal.com
ALMR   www.almr.org.uk
BAHA   www.baha-uk.org
British Bankers' Association   www.bba.org.uk
British Beer & Pub Association   www.beerandpub.com
British Chambers of Commerce 020 7654 5800 www.britishchambers.org.uk
British Franchise Association 01865 379892 www.thebfa.org
British Institute of Innkeeping 01276 684 449 www.bii.org
Business Eye 028 9047 4490 www.businesseye.co.uk
Business Gateway 0845 609 6611 www.bgateway.com
Business Link 0845 600 9006 www.businesslink.gov.uk
Camerons Brewery 01429 852 000 www.cameronsbrewery.com
Cask Marque 01206 752 212 www.cask-marque.co.uk
CIEH   www.cieh.org
CIMA 020 8849 2251 www.cimaglobal.com
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) 01628 427500 www.cim.co.uk
Citizens Advice   www.citizensadvice.org.uk
Commission for Racial Equality 020 7939 0178 www.cre.gov.uk
Community Security Trust   www.thecst.org.uk
Companies House 0303 1234 500 www.companieshouse.gov.uk
Compare business bank accounts   www.moneyfactsonline.co.uk
CoursesPlus   www.coursesplus.co.uk
Confederation of British Industry (CBI) 020 7379 7400 www.cbibookshop.biz
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111  
Data Protection   www.ico.gov.uk
Department of Trade and Industry   www.dti.gov.uk
Door Supervision   www.the-sia.org.uk
Drug action teams   www.drugshomeoffice.gov.uk/dat
Employer Helpline 0845 7143 143  
Employment Law   www.businesslink.gov.uk
Employment Law   www.acas.org.uk
Employment Law   www.direct.gov.uk
Employment Law   www.hmrc.gov.uk
Forum Against Islamophobia Racism   www.fairuk.org
Financial Services Authority   www.fsa.gov.uk
Fire Safety   www.odpm.gov.uk
Food Hygiene   www.food.gov.uk
Food Hygiene   www.foodstandards.gov.uk
Forum of Private Business 0845 130 1722 www.fpb.org
FSA Order Line 0845 6060 667  
Gambling Commission 0121 230 6500 www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk
Health & Safety Executive 0845 3450 055  
Helpline for Newly Self-Employed 0845 9154 515  
Hindu Forum Britain 020 8965 0671 www.hinduforum.org
HM Revenue and Customs 0845 010 9000 www.hmrc.gov.uk
Hydes Brewery 0161 226 1317 www.hydesbrewery.com
Independent Stocktakers Association   www.iltsa.co.uk
Institute of Chartered Accountants   www.icaew.co.uk
Institute of Credit Management (ICM)   www.icm.org.uk
Institute of Directors (IoD) 020 7766 8866 www.iod.com
Int. Federation Spirits Producers   www.ifsp.co.uk
JW Lees Brewery 0161 643 2487 www.jwlees.co.uk
Licensing Law   www.dcms.gov.uk
Market Research   www.upmystreet.com
Market Research   www.caci.co.uk
Muslim Safety Forum 020 8840 4840  
National Drugs Helpline 0800 776 600  
National Insurance - Self-Employed 0845 9154 655  
National Minimum Wage Helpline 0845 6000 678  
New Employer Helpline 0845 6070 143  
PBP Learning 0161 792 2555 www.PBPLearning.com
Performing Rights Society 020 7580 5544  
Police   www.police.uk
Portman Group   www.Portmangroup.org.uk
PPL 020 7534 1000  
Prince's Scottish Youth 0141 248 4999 www.psybt.org.uk
Prince's Trust 0800 842 842 www.princes-trust.org.uk
RIDDOR 0845 9000 444 www.riddor.gov.uk
Security Industry Authority   www.the-sia.org.uk
Self Assessment Helpline 0845 9000 444  
Smoking (England)   www.smokefreeengland.co.uk
Smoking (Wales)   www.smokingbanwales.co.uk
Stakeholder Pensions   www.opra.gov.uk/stakeholder
Stocktakers   www.iltsa.co.uk
theuniqueboxcompany  07875 309 755 




UK Border Agency   www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk
UK Intellectual Property Office 0845 950 0505 www.ipo.gov.uk
Up my Street   www.upmystreet.com
Working Time Regs 0845 600 0925  


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