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This is the space for tasting notes of wine, beer, spirits - and cocktails if you are really lucky!!!
Gin Tasting Notes From 0203 2016
3/4/2016 10:26:07 AM
Here are some tasting notes from the gn tasting evening at The Coach, Edenfield, on 2nd March 2016

Bulldog - Multi-award winning, super-premium gin made from Norfolk wheat from East Anglia, Britain's purest fresh water from Wales and a distinctive blend of 12 botanicals from 8 countries around the world - Chinese dragon eye, Turkish white poppy seeds, Asian lotus leaves, Italian juniper, Moroccan coriander, German angelica, Spanish lemon, Chinese liquorice, Italian orris, Spanish almonds, Asian cassia and French lavender. Bulldog is vegan-friendly and certified Kosher. Serve with lemon.

Martin Millers - Martin Miller’s is made at the Langley Distillery in the Black Country. The botanicals recipe is juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, orris root, cassia, cinnamon bark, ground nutmeg, liquorice and cucumber. Miller’s Gin then goes on a 3,000 mile round trip to Borganes in Iceland to be blended with what is considered to be the purest water on the planet. Serve with mint sprig,

Plymouth - Plymouth Gin is a Protected Geographical Indication that pertains to any gin distilled in Plymouth, England. Today, there is one brand, Plymouth, which is produced by the Black Friars Distillery, the Plymouth Original Strength brand of gin is 41.2% ABV. It is slightly less dry than the much more common London style of gin, purportedly due to a higher than usual proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more 'earthy' feel to the gin as well as a softened juniper flavour. Serve with angostura, or, serve with lemon slice and a blackberry.

Caorunn - is a small batch handcrafted gin from Balmenach distillery in Speyside in the Scottish Highlands. Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon) is made with a combination of traditional and handpicked botanicals including rowan berry, heather, coul blush apple and dandelion. Serve with a slice of red apple.

Thomas Dakin - A tribute to the Northern gin pioneer Thomas Dakin Gin. Distilled and made in Manchester, this small batch gin is juniper-led, with sweet orange and citrus notes on the palate and a smooth, savoury finish thanks to cubeb and red cole (a type of horseradish). The square bottle is inspired by 18th-century designs, with heavily embossed glass and traditional text. Serve with orange peel.

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