Blog Beer Tasting Notes Pack Horse 1407 2017 7/17/2017 11:38:56 AM Here are my tasting notes from the Beer Tasting at The Pack Horse, Birtle, 14th July 2017

Total Legend
Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. Brewed to celebrate Father's Day 2017, and described as, 'The daddy of all beers'. This is a Golden Ale, available in 500ml bottles from LIDL. 4.5% ABV, 2.3 units of alcohol in a full bottle. Brewed using American Cascade hops, it is aromatice on the nose with zesty grapefruit, apricot, and a hint of lemon for a strong finish.

Shepherd Neame. This is a typical Amber (Kentish) Ale brewed to celebrate the plane of the same name. Available at 4.5% ABV in 500ml bottles, this beer gets where water won't (!) so there should be no difficulty finding it. Crystal and ale malts are used with indiginous Kentish hops to produce a beer with toffee and spice aromas and a bitter, hoppy finish.

Abbaye de Vauclair, Biere Blanche
From a brewery near St. Omer in Normandy, Nothern France, this beer gives the impression it is a Belgian Abbey beer, which it isn't! There is a real Abbey of this name, but it is a ruin. Available in a 750ml bottle, with a cork and basket, from LIDL, this is a wheat beer made with orange peel and coriander in the Belgian tradition, but at only 4.5% ABV, making it more sessionable. The orange is very aparent. Can be served with a slice of citrus if you require - Citron Vert (Lime) or Lemon both work. Great with fish and chips or fried food in general.

Fruhling's Festbier
Described as a 'Malzgoldenes Marzen' beer from Schwaben Brau in Stuttgart, South Germany. My German isn't the best, but 'Golden Malt, March (the month)' tells you it is a Spring beer - brewed for the SPRING Beer Festivals in Germany, so, not just October, you festival goers, try a Spring Festival too, a colleague tells me Stuttgart has a great Spring Beer Festival.Smeels fresh with a honeyed smell from the Golden Malt, subtle taste of coffee kicking-in on the tongue. ALDI.

Scarborough Fair
Wold Top Brewery (Yorkshire). This is an IPA, so strong and well hopped (tripple hopped) using a pale malt, but also uses enough maize (to help head retention) that it falls under the Codex standard of 20ppm gluten and so is GLUTEN FREE in the UK. 500ml bottle, 6.0% ABV, another ALDI special.

Carlsberg Special Brew
Strong lager, 8.0% ABV, 440ml can. available everywhere. By appointment to the Danish court, the beer was brewed in 1950 as a thank you to the Brits, and Winny Churchill in particular, for their great assistance in WWII. Uses barley and hops (there's a surprise!) and glucose syrup. A full-bodied, fruity style of Pilsner lager with good clean bitterness and cognac flavours. A beer with a bad reputation, a small amount (not 6 tins), in a wine glass, at the end of a meal, maybe with cheese and biscuits, is still a pleasure.

Wine Tasting 1905 2017 Pack Horse - Loire Valley 5/22/2017 8:57:38 AM Here are our tasting notes from the Loire Valley wines tasting night at Pack Horse, Birtles, 1905 2017

1. Cremant de Loire, Mlle Ladubay

Sainsbury, Taste the Difference, £9.00.
12.5%, Chenin Blanc & probably some Chardonnay, (Brut).
Could be from Anjou, Touraine but probably from around Saumur. Rich on the palate yet zesty apple, methode traditionelle, tuffeau stone, great as an aperitif but could be drunk throughout a meal

2. (House) Muscadet
Sainsbury, House, £4.60
12%, Melon de Bourgogne, (1, v. dry)
From anywhere in Muscadet region surrounding Nantes. Delicate, dry, hints of citrus, grapefruit & tropical fruit. Shellfish & light salads. 

3. Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie, 2016
Sainsbury, Taste the Difference, £7.00
12%, Melon de Bourgogne, (1, v. dry)
From Sevre et Maine. Crisp lemon zest, green apple & melon, bright, refreshing, flinty mineral notes. Seafood & shellfish.

4. The Forgotten One 2016
Aldi £6.99
12% Sauvignon Blanc (1, v. dry)
From Haut-Poitou, new AOP since 2011. Lemon, citrus, herbacious (I get strong elderflower), crisply acidic. Fresh seafood.

5. Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, 2016
Sainsbury, £7.99
12.5%, Sauvignon Blanc, (2, dry)
From Touraine. Aromas green apple, lime, gooseberry, zesty lemon flavours. Aperitif, smoked salmon blinis, seafood, salad.

6. Gamay Rose, 2015
Sainsbury, £5.50
11.5%, Gamay, (2, dry)
From Val de Loire. Dry, crisp, fruity, light floral nose, fresh red fruit flavours. Summer salads, barbecues, fried fish.

7. Domaine de Courbier Chinon, 2014
Sainsbury, £7.00
12.5%, Cabernet Franc, (B, light)
Light-bodied, fragrant, raspberry, soft, dry, refreshing, serve chilled. Meaty fish like tuna, cheese, picnics, barbecues.

8. Les Champs Clos, (Red) Sancerre 2015
Sainsbury, £11.00
12.5%, Pinot Noir
From Sancerre. Pale ruby, strawberry, ripe red fruit & violet notes. Serve lightly chilled (12-14C) with red meat, especially Bernaise sauce, cheese.

9. Domaine des Petits Quarts, Coteaux du Layon, 2014
Lidl, £7.49
11.5%, Chenin Blanc, (4, Medium-Sweet)
From Coteaux du Layon, west of Saumur. Gold in colour (green hint?), acacia, honey, lemongrass, candied fruit, rounder, fruity, fresh acidity, balanced, not cloyingly sweet. Roasted pear with blue cheese!!! Frangipane tarts, plum cake or crumble.

]]> Xmas Cocktails 11/26/2016 11:55:55 AM Here are the cocktails from our fabulous Xmas Cocktail night at the Pack Horse, Birtle on 2511 2016 - Enjoy! (And Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!!)

1.    Triple Orange Gin & Tonic

Ingredients (1 person)

1 measure Bombay London Dry Gin

4 measures tonic water

1 tsp Seville Orange Marmalade (no peel preferred)

1 twist of orange peel


In a tall glass, stir together the gin and marmalade until well blended. Fill the glass with ice, top up with tonic and finish with a twist of orange peel.


2.     Coco fizz

Spruce up the classic coconut and rum combination with a dash of Prosecco and a squeeze of lime for a festive cocktail you can shake up in seconds

Ingredients (serves 1)

1 measure coconut rum

2 measures coconut water

juice of ½ lime


2 measures Prosecco


Put the coconut rum, coconut water and lime juice into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake until the outside of the shaker is icy-cold to the touch. Strain into a chilled coupe glass, top with the Prosecco and serve.


3.     Rumberry punch

Big jugs of cocktails are great for a party, let guests help themselves to this cranberry and dark rum drink.

Ingredients (10 people)

350ml (1/2 bottle) dark rum

1l cranberry juice

1l ginger ale


Chill the rum, juice and ginger ale until nice and cold. Pour everything into a punch bowl, or divide into jugs, top up with lots of ice and serve.


4.     Robin Redbreast

Ingredients (1 person)

1 measure Canadian Whisky

1 & 1/2 measure Grapefruit Juice

1/2 measure Lemon Juice

3 Whole Cranberries


Fill a chilled rocks glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Garnish with cranberries on a stick.


5.     Mince Pie Martini


2 measures dark rum

½ measure mince pie syrup (see below)

2 measures pressed apple juice

Double cream and cinnamon (optional)


Pour the dark rum, mince pie syrup and pressed apple juice into the shaker. Add ice and shake well. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass.

The ‘naughty but nice’ method: Finish by placing a mince pie in the glass, floating double cream on top and sprinkling with cinnamon. (To float double cream, gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon, holding it just above the surface of the drink.)

(To make a mincemeat syrup, put 100ml water, 100g golden caster sugar and 50g mincemeat in a pan and bring to the boil. Cool and strain though muslin into a sieve.)

]]> Events to boost your business in September 8/16/2016 9:10:23 AM Events to boost your business in September ...

Thursday 1Birthdays: Gloria Estefan (58), Rocky Marciano (1923-1969), Barry Gibb (69)

Friday 2Rugby Union: Premiership and Pro12 seasons start. Formula 1: Italian Grand Prix, Monza (until 4). Blackpool illuminations (until 6 Nov)

Saturday 3 Birthdays: Charlie Sheen (50)

Sunday 4Football: World Cup qualifying begins. MotoGP: British Grand Prix, Silverstone

Monday 5Birthdays: Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), Michael Keaton (64), Raquel Welch (75), Jack Daniel (1850-1911)

Tuesday 6Birthdays: Idris Elba (43)

Wednesday 7Paralympic Games, Rio de Janeiro (until 18). Cricket: England v Pakistan Twenty20, Old Trafford

Thursday 8Birthdays: Patsy Cline (1932-1963), David Arquette (44)

Friday 9Birthdays: Michael Buble (40)

Saturday 10Football: Liverpool v Leicester, Man Utd v Man City, Arsenal v Southampton

Sunday 11Great North Run

Monday 12Birthdays: Jesse Owens (1913-1980), Barry White (1944-2003)

Tuesday 13Football: Champion’s League group stage starts

Wednesday 14Birthdays: Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Thursday 15Birthdays: Prince Harry (31), Marco Polo (1254-1324), Agatha Christie (1890-1976)

Friday 16Tennis: Davis Cup Semi Finals (until 18)

Saturday 17British Food Fortnight (until 2 Oct). Cricket: One-Day Cup Final, Lord’s. Football: Everton v Middlesbrough

Sunday 18Birthdays: Ronaldo (39), Greta Garbo (1905-1990)

Monday 19Birthdays: Adam West (87), Twiggy (66)

Tuesday 20Cricket: County Championship final round

Wednesday 21Birthdays: Stephen King (68), Liam Gallagher (43), HG Wells (1866-1946)

Thursday 22Birthdays: Billie Piper (33)

Friday 23Birthdays: Bruce Springsteen (66), Ray Charles (1930-2004), Julio Iglesias (72)

Saturday 24Darts: The Champion’s League of Darts, Cardiff (until 25). Football: Arsenal v Chelsea, Man Utd v Leicester

Sunday 25Birthdays: Will Smith (47), Catherine Zeta-Jones (46), Michael Douglas (71)

Monday 26Birthdays: Serena Williams (34), George Gershwin (1898-1937)

Tuesday 27Birthdays: Gwyneth Paltrow (43), Meat Loaf (68), Samuel Adams (1722-1803)

Wednesday 28Birthdays: Brigitte Bardot (81), Thomas Crapper (1836-1910)

Thursday 29Birthdays: Jerry Lee Lewis (80), Alfie Boe (42), Ian McShane (73)

Friday 30Golf: Ryder Cup, Minnesota (until 2 Oct)



]]> Events In August To Help You Boost Your Business 7/25/2016 10:00:00 AM Here are some events in August to help you boost your business:

Monday 1 – Robin Hood Festival, Sherwood Forest Country Park (until 7)
Tuesday 2 – Birthdays: Peter O’Toole (1932-2013), Abel Tasman (explorer) (1603-1659)
Wednesday 3 – Cricket: England v Pakistan (Edgbaston)
Thursday 4 – Birthdays: Barack Obama (54)
Friday 5 – International Beer Day; Edinburgh Fringe (until 29); Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro (until 21)
Saturday 6 – Cowes Week (until 13)
Sunday 7 – Birthdays: Melanie Sykes (45)
Monday 8 – Birthdays: Roger Federer (34), Dustin Hoffman (78)
Tuesday 9 – Great British Beer Festival (until 13)
Wednesday 10 – Birthdays: Antonio Banderas (55)
Thursday 11 – Cricket: England v Pakistan, The Oval (until 15)
Friday 12 – Birthdays: Mario Balotelli (25)
Saturday 13 – Start of Premier League 2016/7 season
Sunday 14 – Birthdays: Halle Berry (49)
Monday 15 – Birthdays: Ben Affleck (47), Napoleon (1769-1821)
Tuesday 16 – Birthdays: Madonna (57)
Wednesday 17 – Birthdays: Robert De Niro (72), Davy Crockett (1786-1836)
Thursday 18 – Birthdays: Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)
Friday 19 – Birthdays: Bill Clinton (69), Coco Chanel (1883-1971)
Saturday 20 – Cricket: T20 Blast Finals Day, Edgbaston. Football: Leicester v Arsenal, Tottenham v Crystal Palace
Sunday 21 – Birthdays: Usain Bolt (29)
Monday 22 – Birthdays: James Corden (37), Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Tuesday 23 – Birthdays: River Phoenix (1970-1993), Gene Kelly (1912-1996)
Wednesday 24 – Birthdays: Stephen Fry (56) 
Thursday 25 – National Burger Day 
Friday 26 – Formula 1: Belgian Grand Prix (until 28th)
Saturday 27 – Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Festival (until 29); Football: Hull v Man Utd, Tottenham v Liverpool. Rugby League: Challenge Cup Final (Wembley)
Sunday 28 – Notting Hill Carnival (until 29)
Monday 29 – Tennis: US Open (New York)
Tuesday 30 – Birthdays: Cameron Diaz (43), Mary Shelley (1797-1851)
Wednesday 31 – Birthdays: Richard Gere (66)


]]> June 2016 events to help you boost your business 5/31/2016 9:54:46 AM Here are some events in June to help you boost your business:

1st - Birthdays: Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), Morgan Freeman (78)
2nd - PDC World Cup of Darts (until 5th)
3rd - Birthdays: Michelle Keegan (28), Rafael Nadal (29)
4th - Birthdays: Angelina Jolie (40), Russell Brand (40)
5th - Birthdays: Mark Wahlberg (44), Pancho Villa (1878-1923)
6th - Birthdays: Diego Velazquez (1599-1660)
7th - Birthdays: Prince (1958-2016), Liam Neeson (63), Tom Jones (75), George Ezra (22), Bear Grylls (41), Dean Martin (1917-1995)
8th - Birthdays: Kanye West (38), Joan Rivers (1933-2014), Colin Baker (72), Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), Tim Berners Lee (60)
9th - Birthdays: Johnny Depp (52), Michael J Fox (54), Les Paul (1915-2009), Cole Porter (1891-1964)
10th - UEFA Euro 2016 (until 10th July). Formula 1: Canadian Grand Prix (until 12th)
11th - Rugby Union: New Zealand v Wales, South Africa v Ireland, Australia v England. UEFA Euro 2016: Wales v Slovakia, England v Russia. Trooping The Colour
12th - Queen's Birthday. UEFA Euro 2016: Poland v Northern Ireland
13th - UEFA Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland v Sweden
14th - Royal Ascot (until 18th)
15th - Birthdays: Ice Cube (46)
16th - Golf: US Open, Oakmont (until 19th)
17th - Birthdays: Venus Williams (35)
18th - Rugby Union: New Zealand v Wales, South Africa v Ireland, Australia v England. UEFA Euro 2016: Belgium v Republic of Ireland
19th - Birthdays: Paula Abdul (53), Boris Johnson (51)
20th - Summer Solstice. UEFA Euro 2016: Slovakia v England, Russia v Wales 
21st - ODI Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (Lord's). UEFA Euro 2016: Northern Ireland v Germany
22nd - Glastonbury (until 26th). UEFA Euro 2016: Italy v Republic of Ireland
23rd - Birthdays: Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468), Duffy (31), Alan Turing (1912-1954)
24th - ODI Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (Edgbaston)
25th - Rugby Union: New Zealand v Wales, South Africa v Ireland, Australia v England, Japan v Scotland. 
26th - ODI Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (Bristol)
27th - Tennis: Wimbledon (until 10th July)
28th - Birthdays: Adam Woodyatt (47), John Cusack (49), Mel Brooks (89), Kathy Bates (67), King Henry VIII (1491-1547)
29th - ODI Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (The Oval)
30th - UEFA Euro 2016: Quarter Finals (until 3rd July)]]>
]]> Whisky tasting notes 4/30/2016 11:02:06 AM Here are some of my notes from the whisky tasting on 29th April, 2016, Pack Horse, Birtle

1. Auchentoshan Classic (40%)
Region: Lowlands
Single malt from the outskirts of Glasgow near to the Erskine bridge in Dunbartonshire. Also known as 'Glasgow's Malt Whisky', used to be referred to as a 'breakfast malt' - not sure if that's politically correct to say today! Unusual for a Scotch Single Malt whisky it is triple distilled. No age statement.

See: Pale gold
Smell: Bourbon, cream, cooked fruit, sweet, toast, vanilla
Taste: Custard, fruity, refreshing, white peach, with an appley finish

2. Jura Superstition (43%)
Region: Islands
A lghtly peated expressions from the island of Jura's only distillery. A mixture of whiskies aged for 13 and 21 years, with a 13% mixture of a heavily peated malt.

See: Dark gold / copper
Smell: Cereal, cream, smoke, sweet
Taste: Cereal, cocoa, honey, porridge, rice, toast, white pepper

3. Bowmore, Small Batch (40%)
Region: Islay
Matured in the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland - and the only 1 that is below sea level! 1st and 2nd fill Bourbon casks are used for maturation.

See: Gold
Smell: Cinnamon, fudge, peat, salty sea air, vanilla
Taste: Bourbon, citrus, coconut, salt with a vanilla finish

4. Dalwhinnie, Winter's Gold (43%)
Region: Speyside
Inspired by the chilly climate of its home, this is from the highest and the coldest distillery in Scotland. Only made
with spirit distilled from October to March. The only Single Malt I have ever seen that suggests you should try it FROZEN - so we did!

See: Gold (the name sort of gives it away!!!)
Smell: Apple pie, green apple, sultana, toffee
Taste: Apple, black peppercorns, cinnamon, orange peel

5. Old Pulteney, 12 years old, 40%
Region: Highlands
Matured in bourbon casks for 12 years. Double gold winner at 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (best in class). From near Wick, the most northerly distillery on mainland Scotland. The whisky is exposed to sea air during maturation.

See: Gold
Smell: Barley, herbs, nuts (almonds?)
Taste: Balanced, christmas cakey, musty, nuts, oak, spices, sultanas, toffee

]]> North West Beer Festivals Coming Up 4/22/2016 3:08:05 PM NW(ish!) Beer Festivals Coming up

Friday April 22nd – Sunday 24th
Drum & Monkey Beer Festival,
62 Chapel Road, Whaley Bridge, SK23 7LB

Friday 29th April – Monday 2nd May
Buxton Beer Festival,
Pavilion Gardens, organised by Real Ale Events Ltd

Saturday 30th April –  Monday 2nd May
Aldwinians RUFC Beer Festival,
Audenshaw Park, Droylesden Road, Audenshaw, M34 5SN (Classic Car Show Saturday 10.30-16.00)

Friday 13th – Saturday 14th May
Clitheroe Beer Festival,
Catholic Club, Lowergate, Clitheroe


Saturday 14th –  Sunday 15th May
Ludlow Spring Festival,
Ludlow Castle


Thursday 2nd –  Saturday 4th June
Stockport Beer & Cider Festival,
Edgeley Park, Stockport, SK3 9DD


Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th July
Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival, St Clement’s Church/Edge Lane area

]]> May 2016 Events To Help Boost Your Business 4/21/2016 7:14:28 AM Here are some events in May 2016 to help you boost your business

Sunday 1st – May Day
Monday 2nd – Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3rd – Machiavelli born in 1469
Wednesday 4th – Audrey Hepburn born (1929-1993)
Thursday 5th – Cinco de Mayo
Friday 6th – George Clooney 54 today
Saturday 7th – Boxing: Amir Khan v Saul Alvarez (Ls Vegas); Perth Beer Festival
Sunday 8th – Enrique Iglesias 40 today
Monday 9th – Billy Joel 62 today
Tuesday 10th – Bono 55 today
Wednesday 11th – The Battle of ‘Hamburger Hill’ (Vietnam)
Friday 13th – What a great excuse for a horror night !
Saturday 14th – Rugby Union: European Champions Cup Final (Lyon)
Sunday 15th – Football: Final Weekend Premier League
Thursday 19th – Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (Headingley, until 23rd); Sam Smith 23 today
Friday 20th – Cher 69 today
Saturday 21st – Football: FA Cup Final (Wembley); Glyndebourne Festival begins (until 28th August)
Sunday 22nd – Tennis: French Open; Novak Djokovic 28 today
Monday 23rd – London Wine Week (Until 29th)
Thursday 26th – John Wayne born (1907-1979)
Friday 27th – Cricket: England v Sri Lanka (Durham, until 31st)
Saturday 28th – Football: Champions League Final (Milan); Rugby Union: Premiersip Final (Twickenham)
Sunday 29th – John F Kennedy born (1917-1963)
Monday 30th – Spring Bank Holiday


]]> Wine Tasting Notes, Coach, Edenfield, 12th April 2016 4/14/2016 8:47:26 AM Here are the notes from the wine tasting on 12th April 2016, at The Coach, Edenfield

1. Victor Berard Chablis - France - 12.5%
This is an unoaked Chablis

See: Light gold
Smell: Floral, mineral (oyster shell), buttery, slightly smoky
Taste: Green apple, lemon, honey, leaf, long slightly buttery finish, good acidity
Food Matches: Oysters (classic!), seafood, fish (especially with a white sauce), herby salads

Chef matched it with: Individual Fish Pie garnshed with lemon

2. Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand - 12%
This is a classic, unoaked SB blended from wine estates throughout Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand. 

See: Pale gold, green hint?
Smell: Lemon, lime, gooseberry, grass, herbs, passion fruit
Taste: Fresh, fruity, crisp, dry, citrus, passion fruit, mouthwatering from good acidity
Food Matches: Canapes, herb salad, vegetable dishes, soft cheese, goat's cheese, seafood, fish, crab cakes, Asian cuisine with citrus dressing, Thai green curry.

Chef matched it with: A soft, herby, Goat's Cheese Crostini with sun dried tomatoes and olive oil

3. Brancott Estate Pinot Noir - New Zealand - 13%
Pinot Noir mainly from the Marlborough region, but small amounts from elsewhere in NZ. A variety of yeast strains are used, and ageing uses both French and American oak to add complexity to the wine.

See: Beautiful cherry red
Smell: Cherry, soft red fruit, wild raspberry, strawberry, jammy, dried herbs, vanilla, Bakewell tart (?)
Taste: Red cherry, raspberry, strawberry, smooth tanins
Food Matches: Lamb, mushroom risotto, arancini, pasta with tomato sauces
Chef matched it with: A Fresh, Dressed, Herb Salad 

4. Paternina Banda Azul Crianza Rioja - Spain - 13%
The top selling Rioja brand in Spain (but not the largest producer). 75% Tempranillo, 25% Garnacha aged in American oak barrels for 12 months. A modern style Rioja.

See: Garnet
Smell: Black cherry, liquorice, musk
Taste: Red and dark berries, vanilla, spices, fruity finish
Food Matches: Steak, lightly barbecued food, Chorizo dishes, spicy paella

Chef matched it with: Individual Chorizo Pizzettas

5. Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon - USA - 13.5%
Classic Californian barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon.

See: Ruby
Smell: Plums, herbs, cedar
Taste: Blackberry, tobacco, toasty, caramelisation, smooth
Food Matches: Grilled lamb chops, barbecued ribs, Bolognese pasta

Chef matched it with: Robert Mondavi's own recomendation of a caramelised onion dip with crusty bread.


]]> April 2016 Events To Help You Boost Your Business 3/18/2016 3:53:14 PM

Friday 1st: Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix (until 3rd)
Saturday 2nd: Football – Liverpool v Tottenham, Aston Villa v Chelsea, Arsenal v Watford, Bournemouth v Man City, West Ham v Crystal Palace
Sunday 3rd: MotoGP – Argentina, Rio Hondo
Monday 4th: Famous Birthdays – Robert Downey Jr (50), Heath Ledger, Graham Norton (52), David Blaine (42), Muddy Waters, Anthony Perkins
Tuesday 5th: Famous Birthdays – Agnetha Faltskog (65), Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy
Thursday 7th: The Masters, USA, August, Georgia; London Coffee Festival (until 10th)
Friday 8th: Rugby Union – European Champions / Challenge Cup Quarter (until 9th); Great British Food Festival, Stonyhurst, Lancashire (until 10th)
Saturday 9th: The Grand National; Boxing – Anthony Joshua v Charles Martin, London
Sunday 10th: St. Andrew’s Golf Week; MotoGP – Austin, USA, Circuit of the Americas; Football – Sunderland v Leicester City, Liverpool v Stoke City
Monday 11th: Famous Birthday – Jeremy Clarkson (55)
Tuesday 12th: Famous Birthdays – Tiny Tim, Bobby Moore, Andy Garcia
Saturday 16th: Snooker – Snooker World Championship (until 2nd May); Football – Norwich v Sunderland, Everton v Southampton, Man Utd v Aston Villa, Newcastle v Swansea, Chelsea v Man City
Sunday 17th: Football – Arsenal v Crystal Palace, Leicester v West Ham
Monday 18th: Food & Drink Expo, NEC, Birmingham (until 20th)
Wednesday 20th: East Anglian Beer & Cider Festival, Bury St. Edmunds (until 23rd)
Thursday 21st: The Queen’s Birthday (90)
Saturday 23rd: St George’s Day; British Asparagus Festival, Worcestershire (until 21st June)
Sunday 24th: MotoGP – Spain, Jerez; London Marathon
Monday 25th: Famous Birthdays - Al Pacino (75), Ella Fitzgerald, Len Goodman (71), Johan Cruyff (68)
Wednesday 27th: Famous Birthdays – Darcey Bussell (46), Ulysses S. Grant, Tess Daly (46), Samuel Morse
Saturday 30th: Football – Swansea v Liverpool, Everton v Bournemouth, Newcastle v Crystal Palace, Arsenal v Norwich, Watford v Aston Villa


]]> World Wine Days 2016 To Help Boost Your Business 3/5/2016 8:44:20 AM Here is a list of World Wine Days 2016 to help boost your business !











]]> Gin Tasting Notes From 0203 2016 3/4/2016 10:26:07 AM Here are some tasting notes from the gn tasting evening at The Coach, Edenfield, on 2nd March 2016

Bulldog - Multi-award winning, super-premium gin made from Norfolk wheat from East Anglia, Britain's purest fresh water from Wales and a distinctive blend of 12 botanicals from 8 countries around the world - Chinese dragon eye, Turkish white poppy seeds, Asian lotus leaves, Italian juniper, Moroccan coriander, German angelica, Spanish lemon, Chinese liquorice, Italian orris, Spanish almonds, Asian cassia and French lavender. Bulldog is vegan-friendly and certified Kosher. Serve with lemon.

Martin Millers - Martin Miller’s is made at the Langley Distillery in the Black Country. The botanicals recipe is juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, orris root, cassia, cinnamon bark, ground nutmeg, liquorice and cucumber. Miller’s Gin then goes on a 3,000 mile round trip to Borganes in Iceland to be blended with what is considered to be the purest water on the planet. Serve with mint sprig,

Plymouth - Plymouth Gin is a Protected Geographical Indication that pertains to any gin distilled in Plymouth, England. Today, there is one brand, Plymouth, which is produced by the Black Friars Distillery, the Plymouth Original Strength brand of gin is 41.2% ABV. It is slightly less dry than the much more common London style of gin, purportedly due to a higher than usual proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more 'earthy' feel to the gin as well as a softened juniper flavour. Serve with angostura, or, serve with lemon slice and a blackberry.

Caorunn - is a small batch handcrafted gin from Balmenach distillery in Speyside in the Scottish Highlands. Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon) is made with a combination of traditional and handpicked botanicals including rowan berry, heather, coul blush apple and dandelion. Serve with a slice of red apple.

Thomas Dakin - A tribute to the Northern gin pioneer Thomas Dakin Gin. Distilled and made in Manchester, this small batch gin is juniper-led, with sweet orange and citrus notes on the palate and a smooth, savoury finish thanks to cubeb and red cole (a type of horseradish). The square bottle is inspired by 18th-century designs, with heavily embossed glass and traditional text. Serve with orange peel.

]]> Beer Tasting Notes From 2602 2016 2/29/2016 9:20:57 AM Guinness Golden Ale; Erdinger Dunkel; Revisionist Saison; Guinness West Indies Porter; King Cobra

Guinness Golden Ale
Brewed using Guinness yeast, Irish Barley, hops, specially selected amber malt, created by Peter Simpson.
See: Dark gold colour
Aroma: Hoppy initially with malt coming through
Flavour: Biscuity, followed by slight bitterness and slight sweetness. Mouth-drying, refreshing and light
ABV: 4.5%

Erdinger Dunkel
From the world's largest wheat beer brewery, located in Erding in Germany, originally founded in 1886 
See: Dark brown
Aroma: Sweet malt
Flavour: Gorgeous round toasted malty taste, little bitterness but some residual sweetness
ABV: 5.6%

Revisionist Saison
In 500ml bottles and available on draft in Marston's pubs/bars March/April. A contemporary take on a Belgian style farmhouse ale. Pale malt and some dark malt. Belgian ale yeast. Fermented vigourously at a warm temperature to accentuate fruitiness. Hops include Goldings, Challenger, Lubelski, Styrian, Cascade, with a dry-hopping of Styrian & Lubelski.
See: Pale amber
Aroma: Fruity, boiled sweets
Flavour: Full flavoured, fruity, dry, sour spicy fruit, bitterness 3/5, sweetness 1/5
ABV: 5.0% 

Guinness West Indies Porter
Re-creation of an 1801 recipe that uses more hops (in this case US Goldings) to help preserve the beer for a 4-5 week voyage to tropical climes.
See: Ruby with good head creation
Aroma: Toffee, caramel, slight chocolate
Flavour: More chocolate than coffee with noticeable residual sweetmess, easy drinking
ABV: 6%

King Cobra
The world's first double-fermented, Pilsner style lager from Rodenbach Brewery in Belgium. Re-fermentation in bottle. Rice included with the grains, Hallatau hops.
See: Pale gold/deep blonde. Very good head formation from the bottle conditioning.
Aroma: Rich & biscuity
Flavour: Balanced, smooth, maltiness giving way to fruity, floral, tropical. Alcohlic strength is apparent.
ABV: 7.5%

]]> March 2016 Events To Help Boost Your Business 2/18/2016 9:26:34 AM
Tuesday 1st - St. David's Day
Saturday 5th - Football: Chelsea v Stoke, Tottenham v Arsenal, Everton v West Ham, Man City v Aston Villa, Newcastle v Bournemouth
Sunday 6th - Mother's Day
Monday 7th - British Pie Week (until the 13th)
Tuesday 8th - Cricket: World Twenty20
Saturday 12th - Football: Norwich v Man City, Aston Villa v Tottenham, Man Utd v Crystal Palace, Stoke v Southampton, Sunderland v Everton Rugby Union: Six Nations
Sunday 13th - Football: Liverpool v Chelsea
Thursday 17th - St. Patrick's Day
Friday 18th - Formula 1: Australian Grand Prix 
Saturday 19th - Rugby Union: Six Nations Final Weekend Football: Crystal Palace v Leicester, Southampton v Liverpool, Everton v Arsenal, Chelsea v West Ham, Tottenham v Bournemouth
Sunday 20th - Football: Newcastle v Sunderland, Man City v Man Utd 
Friday 25th - Good Friday
Sunday 27th - Easter Sunday; Boat Race: British Summer Time Begins
Monday 28th - Easter Monday

]]> February 2016 Business Boosting Events 1/5/2016 10:04:31 AM February Events To Help Boost Your Business

Tuesday 2nd - Football: Arsnal v Southampton, Leicester v Liverpool, Man Utd V Stoke, Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
Wednesday 3rd - Cricket: First ODI South Africa v England
Saturday 6th - Rugby Union: 6 Nations First Round
Sunday 7th - World's Biggest Quiz 
NFL: Super Bowl 50 (San Francisco)
Monday 8th - Chinese New Year
Tuesday 9th - Pancake Day
Saturday 13th - Rugby Union: 6 Nations 2nd Round
Sunday 14th - Valentine's Day
Monday 15th - Jorvik Viking Festival (York)(Until 21st)
Tuesday 16th - Football: Champion Leagues Final 16 1st Leg
Friday 26th - Rugby Union: 6 Nation's 3rd Round
Saturday 27th - Boxing: Carl Frmapton v Scott Quigg (Manchester).
Football: Liverpool v Everton, Man Utd v Arsenal, Southampton v Chelsea, West Ham v Sunderland  
Sunday 28th - NASCAR: Folds of Honor Quicktrip 500 (Atlanta) 

]]> January 2016 Events To Boost Your Business 12/4/2015 10:11:00 AM Here are some events in January 2016 to help boost your business:

1st - New Year's Day
2nd - Cricket: South Africa v England (Cape Town, until 6th)
3rd - Football: Crystal Palace v Chelsea, Everton v Tottenham
5th - Twelfth Night
15th - Rugby Union: European Champion's Cup Fifth Round (Until 17th)
18th - Tennis: Australian Open (Until 31st)
]]> December 2015 events to boost business 12/2/2015 9:19:14 AM Here are some December 2015 events to help boost your business:

Saturday 5th - Football: Stoke v Man City, Arsenal v Sunderland, Man Utd v West Ham, Southampton v Aston Villa, Swansea v Leicester
Sunday 6th - Football: Newcastle v Liverpool
Friday 11th - Rugby Union: European Champions Cup Third Round
Saturday 12th - Boxing: Anthony Joshua v Dillan Whyte (London). Football: Draw for Euro 2016
Sunday 13th - Football: Aston Villa v Arsenal, Liverpool v West Brom, Tottenham v Newcastle
Friday 18th - Rugby Union: European Champion's Cup Fourth Round (until 20th)
Saturday 19th - Football: Southampton v Tottenham, Chelsea v Sunderland, Everton v Leicester, Man Utd v Norwich, Stoke v Crystal Palace
Sunday 20th - Football: Watford v Liverpool, Swansea v West Ham
Monday 21st - Football: Arsenal v Man City
Thursday 24th - Christmas Eve
Friday 25th - Christmas Day
Saturday 26th - Football: Liverpool v Leicester, Southampton v Arsenal, Stoke v Man Utd, Aston VIlla v West Ham, Chelsea v Watford
Sunday 27th - Racing: The Welsh Grand National
Monday 28th - Football: Norwich v Aston Villa, Man Utd v Chelsea, West Ham v Southampton, Everton v Stoke, Watford v Tottenham
Thursday 31st - New Year's Eve

]]> October 2015 Events To Help Boost Your Business 9/11/2015 8:33:41 AM October 2015 Events To Help Boost Your Business

Thursday 1 - London Restaurant Festival (until 31st)

Saturday 3 - Rugby League – Super League Semi-finals (until 4th)

Monday 5 - London Cocktail Week (until 11th)

Sunday 11 - Formula 1 – Russian Grand Prix (until 13th)

Saturday 24 - Football – Arsenal v Everton, West Ham v Chelsea

Sunday 25 - Man Utd v Man City, Liverpool v Southampton

Saturday 31 - Rugby World Cup Final, Twickenham

]]> September 2015 Events To Help You Boost Your Business 8/19/2015 8:34:52 AM Here are someSeptember events to help you boost your business:

Thursday 3rd Cricket – England v Australia

Saturday 5th Boxing – Josh Warrington v Joel Brunker; Grillstock (London)

Sunday 6th Formula 1 – Italian Grand Prix; Cycling – Tour of Britain

Friday 11th Ludlow Food Festival (Until 13th); Goodwood Revival Meeting

Saturday 12th Football – Man Utd v Liverpool, Everton v Chelsea, Arsenal v Stoke, Crystal Palace v Man City

Sunday 13thMoto GP – San Marino, Misano; The Great North Run

Friday 18th Formula 1 – Singapore Grand Prix (until 20th); Rugby World Cup (until 31t October)

Saturday 19th Oktoberfest (until 4th October); Cricket – 1 day cup final, Lord’s; Football – Chelsea v Arsenal, Man City v West Ham, Swansea v Everton

Sunday 20th NASCAR Sprint Cup, Chicagoland Speedway; Football – Southampton v Man Utd, Tottenham v Crystal Palace, Liverpool v Norwich

Wednesday 23rd First Day of Autumn

Thursday 24thCask Ale Week (until 4th October)

Friday 25th Great Cornish Food Festival, Truro (until 27th); Great British Cheese Festival, Cardiff (until 26th)

Saturday 26th Football – Tottenham v Man City, Leicester v Arsenal, Man Utd v Sunderland, Newcastle v Chelsea; Rugby World Cup – England v Wales, Twickenham

Sunday 27th Moto GP, Aragon, Spain; Pearly Harvest Festival, London

Monday 28th Lunar Eclipse