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Beer Tasting Notes Pack Horse 1407 2017
7/17/2017 10:38:56 AM
Here are my tasting notes from the Beer Tasting at The Pack Horse, Birtle, 14th July 2017

Total Legend
Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. Brewed to celebrate Father's Day 2017, and described as, 'The daddy of all beers'. This is a Golden Ale, available in 500ml bottles from LIDL. 4.5% ABV, 2.3 units of alcohol in a full bottle. Brewed using American Cascade hops, it is aromatice on the nose with zesty grapefruit, apricot, and a hint of lemon for a strong finish.

Shepherd Neame. This is a typical Amber (Kentish) Ale brewed to celebrate the plane of the same name. Available at 4.5% ABV in 500ml bottles, this beer gets where water won't (!) so there should be no difficulty finding it. Crystal and ale malts are used with indiginous Kentish hops to produce a beer with toffee and spice aromas and a bitter, hoppy finish.

Abbaye de Vauclair, Biere Blanche
From a brewery near St. Omer in Normandy, Nothern France, this beer gives the impression it is a Belgian Abbey beer, which it isn't! There is a real Abbey of this name, but it is a ruin. Available in a 750ml bottle, with a cork and basket, from LIDL, this is a wheat beer made with orange peel and coriander in the Belgian tradition, but at only 4.5% ABV, making it more sessionable. The orange is very aparent. Can be served with a slice of citrus if you require - Citron Vert (Lime) or Lemon both work. Great with fish and chips or fried food in general.

Fruhling's Festbier
Described as a 'Malzgoldenes Marzen' beer from Schwaben Brau in Stuttgart, South Germany. My German isn't the best, but 'Golden Malt, March (the month)' tells you it is a Spring beer - brewed for the SPRING Beer Festivals in Germany, so, not just October, you festival goers, try a Spring Festival too, a colleague tells me Stuttgart has a great Spring Beer Festival.Smeels fresh with a honeyed smell from the Golden Malt, subtle taste of coffee kicking-in on the tongue. ALDI.

Scarborough Fair
Wold Top Brewery (Yorkshire). This is an IPA, so strong and well hopped (tripple hopped) using a pale malt, but also uses enough maize (to help head retention) that it falls under the Codex standard of 20ppm gluten and so is GLUTEN FREE in the UK. 500ml bottle, 6.0% ABV, another ALDI special.

Carlsberg Special Brew
Strong lager, 8.0% ABV, 440ml can. available everywhere. By appointment to the Danish court, the beer was brewed in 1950 as a thank you to the Brits, and Winny Churchill in particular, for their great assistance in WWII. Uses barley and hops (there's a surprise!) and glucose syrup. A full-bodied, fruity style of Pilsner lager with good clean bitterness and cognac flavours. A beer with a bad reputation, a small amount (not 6 tins), in a wine glass, at the end of a meal, maybe with cheese and biscuits, is still a pleasure.

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